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Find your place amongst those of refined character and class with the Bandhgala, also known as the Nehru Jacket - Our Bandhgalas are inspired by Indian royalty to transport you into a world of grandeur. Tailored to perfection with fine fabrics, exquisite detailing, and perfectly pieced together with trousers.

Designed to represent your taste in finer garments & elevate your presence at any formal affair

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SANTI HOMME Studded Obsidian Bandhgala SetSANTI HOMME Studded Obsidian Bandhgala Set
SANTI HOMME Mystic Embroidered Bandhgala SetSANTI HOMME Mystic Embroidered Bandhgala Set
SANTI HOMME Golden Pierce Bandhgala SetSANTI HOMME Golden Pierce Bandhgala Set
Golden Pierce Bandhgala Set Sale price$309.00
SANTI HOMME Slate Embroidered Bandhgala SetSANTI HOMME Slate Embroidered Bandhgala Set
SANTI HOMME Shadow Diamond Bandhgala SetSANTI HOMME Shadow Diamond Bandhgala Set
SANTI HOMME Pearl Charmed Bandhgala SetSANTI HOMME Pearl Charmed Bandhgala Set
Pearl Charmed Bandhgala Set Sale price$319.00
SANTI HOMME Pattern Blended Bandhgala SetSANTI HOMME Pattern Blended Bandhgala Set
SANTI HOMME Mixed Pattern Bandhgala SetSANTI HOMME Mixed Pattern Bandhgala Set
Mixed Pattern Bandhgala Set Sale price$389.00
SANTI HOMME Matrix Khaki Bandhgala SetSANTI HOMME Matrix Khaki Bandhgala Set
Matrix Khaki Bandhgala Set Sale price$389.00
SANTI HOMME Golden Geo Bandhgala SetSANTI HOMME Golden Geo Bandhgala Set
Golden Geo Bandhgala Set Sale price$409.00